Whether it’s to a trail ride, the show arena, the sale barn or open pastures, Travalum trailers are being pulled in every direction. That is because there’s a Travalum trailer designed to meet the needs of families, ranchers & entry-level or professional horseman.

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Trailer Flooring, Wash Rack Flooring, Veterinary Clinic Flooring and Stall Lining

Installation available in Manhattan, Kansas!

Polylast Flooring is non-slip, reduces leg impact shock and concussion on animal hooves, which means that even animals with hoof and leg soreness are more stable and comfortable. Since animals don’t have to strain to maintain their footing they can be more relaxed, and since Polylast Flooring is a noise suppressant, a quieter ride can reduce stress in a trailer. Finally, Polylast Flooring is infused with Microban® Antimicrobial Technology to help prevent the growth of damaging bacteria, as well as inhibit stains and odors caused by bacteria. All while staying cleaner longer between washings! Polylast Flooring is ideal for trailer flooring, wash rack flooring, Veterinary clinic flooring, stall lining, and many other applications.

Adds Insulation

  • The insulating factor of Polylast means that the floor and horses stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.


  • Polylast offers the best slip-resistant surface available. Horses are more stable and don’t have to strain to maintain their footing.

No Mats or Shavings

  • Since there’s no need for ANY bedding in trailers, horses breathe cleaner air and stay cleaner.

10-year Warranty

  • Durable 10-year warranty through Polylast comes with every Polylast floor and often lasts more 25+ years.